CH341a Programmer Software Download

Hey there, Welcome to our website. If you are trying to find the CH341a Programmer Software then you are absolutely on the right webpage. Here we will provide you with the Software for your programmer and all other details related to the CH341a Universal Programmer.

On this page, we will have a closer look at the CH341a programmer, What it is? how does it work, and what makes it such a valuable tool for anyone working with microcontrollers and EEPROMs.

CH341a Programmer Software Download
CH341a Programmer Software Download

CH341a Programmer Software Download

There are many types of CH341a Programmer like the black edition, Special Edition, and more. Also, there are different versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. You can find the CH341a Programmer Software for all platforms in the table below. Please find the software file that suits you.

CH341A 22012022 v1.43Click Here
AsProgrammer Download V2.1.0.13Click Here
AsProgrammer Download v1.4.0Click Here
CH341A Mini Programmer Black EditionClick Here
CH341A Programmer Special Edition v1.43Click Here
CH341A Programmer Special Edition v1.38Click Here
CH341A Programmer Special Edition v1.1Click Here
CH341A Programmer V1.4Click Here
CH341A Programmer v1.34Click Here
CH341A Programmer V1.29Click Here
Ch341 Programmer v1.38Click Here
CH341A Programmer V1.13Click Here
CH341A Programmer V1.18 with DriverClick Here
CH341A Programmer V1.40.0.0Click Here
CH341A Programmer V1.44-31-01-2022Click Here
Ch341a Programmer V2.2.0.0Click Here
CH341A Smartphone AppClick Here
CH341PAR LINUXClick Here
CH341SER LINUXClick Here
CH341SER MACClick Here
CH341SERClick Here
NeoProgrammer Here
CH341 WIN+Linux+MAC+Android PDFClick Here

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CH341a Programmer Manual PDF

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CH341a Programmer Introduction

CH341a Programmer is a versatile and budget-friendly programmer that allows you to program a variety of EEPROMs and Microcontrollers. It is a High-Speed programmer with a USB interface. This program can be used to program many devices, and it’s very easy and simple to use. It is suitable for Technicians, Hobbyists and Students as well. Useful for both beginners and advanced users.


  • Supports USB interface for easy connection.
  • Provides High-speed programming.
  • Supports a wide range of microcontrollers and EEPROMs Chips.
  • It is a Cost Friendly device.


  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Maximum frequency: 12MHz
  • Supported microcontrollers: ATmega, ATtiny, AVR, STC, and more
  • Supported EEPROMs: 24Cxx, 25Cxx, 93Cxx, and more


  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Programming software: CH341A software and various third-party software options

How Does the CH341a Programmer Work?

The CH341a Programmer uses special software to be connected to the PC via USB. We use the PC software to program the microcontroller or EEPROM. CH341 provides high-speed programming and it supports the USB interface, that’s it is the best one.

How To Use CH341a Programmer

CH341A programmers are used to reading and write data on SPI and I²C compatible EEPROMs, allowing you to save time by performing a wide range of programming tasks without the need for additional hardware. This guide will help you get set up with your CH341A programmer so you can start taking advantage of the tool’s many features.


Before you begin, you’ll need to make sure that your computer is running a compatible operating system (Windows XP or later). You’ll also need a USB 2.0 port on your PC, as well as an adapter cable that connects from your USB port to the CH341A connection interface.

Step 1: Download and Install the Necessary Software

The first step in getting your CH341A programmer up and running is downloading and installing the necessary software. This includes the CH341 driver for Windows, as well as an application such as Flashrom which allows you to write data to EEPROMs using the programmer. Once these are downloaded and installed, it’s time to connect your CH341A programmer to your computer via a USB cable.

Step 2: Connect Your Programmer To Your Computer

Connecting your CH 341A programmer is easy – just plug it into any available USB port on your PC using the adapter cable included with the purchase. The status LED should light up, indicating that a successful connection has been established between the device and the computer. If not, double-check all cables and software installations before continuing.

Step 3: Configure Your Settings And Start Programming!

Once everything is connected correctly, it’s time to configure your settings in Flashrom or whatever application you’re using for programming needs (e.g., BIOS flashing). From there, simply follow on-screen instructions for writing data to EEPROMs! With your CH341A programmer up and running correctly, programming is now 10x faster than ever before!

Happy programming!


So, On this page, we provided the Ch341a Programmer Software Download and talked about its features, specifications, and benefits. We also have provided the manual pdf that you can read to learn more about the programmer.

If you face any issues during the download or the Bios programming process, please let us know via the comment section below. also share this page if you find it helpful. Thank you!


How do I flash BIOS with the CH341A programmer?

To program a Bios using the CH341A programmer, you will need to download the CH341A programmer Software first. Then install the Software on your device and connect it to the programmer using the USB interface. To learn more about the programming process, please read the manual of the programmer, which we already have provided in the above download table.

How To Download the CH341A Programmer Software?

Please navigate to the above download table and download the Software that suits you and fulfills your needs. Make sure, to download the right file for your programmer If you have the black edition then download the software for the black edition.

Can I program 93x eeprom with ch341a programmer?

Yes, you can program 93x eeprom with a ch341a programmer. You will need the appropriate programming software and connection hardware according to your specific device.

How to connect 1.8v adapter to ch341a?

To connect the 1.8v adapter to ch341a, you will need to purchase an appropriate voltage converter or module that is compatible with both the adapter and the ch341a programmer.

How to connect ch341a programmer with sop8?

To connect the ch341a programmer with sop8, you will need to first use a soldering iron or another heating device to solder the necessary connections from the SOP8 package onto the board of the programmer itself.

How to program write protect spi chip in ch341a programmer?

To program write protect SPI chip in ch341a programmer, you will need to use specialized writing software for that specific type of chip.

How to use ch341a programmer with 1.8v converter?

To use a ch341a programmer with a 1.8V converter, simply plug in your converter into the corresponding port(s) on your programmer and then configure it accordingly in your software settings (if needed).

How to use ch341a programmer with sop8?

To use ch341a programmer with SOP8, first, attach a SOP8 socket onto your board and plug in the socket, then configure your software accordingly so that it is able to communicate with your SOP8 chip within the sockets properly via SPI protocol (or whatever is applicable according to chip specifications).

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